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Swansea youngsters set for space call to Tim Peake

Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Imagine if you were a school pupil and had the chance to call an astronaut in space!

That's exactly what pupils from Blaenymaes Primary in Swansea will have the chance to do today.

They're taking part in a live chat with British astronaut Tim Peake at the World Museum in Liverpool.

He'll be demonstrating a number of science experiments which they can then take back to the classroom.

Antarctic glacier named after Aberystwyth Uni scientist

Glasser Glacier is on James Ross Island in the Antarctic. Credit: Dr Bethan Davies

A scientist from Aberystwyth University has had an Antarctic glacier named after him.

Glasser Glacier takes it name from the university's Professor Neil Glasser, who works in the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences and is also director of its Institute of Geography, History, Politics and Psychology.

Credit: Dr Bethan Davies

I am really honoured to have this glacier named after me. We spent seven weeks on fieldwork in this area of Antarctica in 2011. On all our maps and publications it is called ‘Un-named Glacier’ but it is great to know that from now on it will be known as Glasser Glacier!

– Professor Neil Glasser

Measuring around 1500 metres long and 500 metres wide, Glasser Glacier is on James Ross Island and flows westward from a large ice dome on Lachman Crags. The Antarctic Place-Names Committee named the glacier after Professor Glasser in recognition of the 'significant research' on Ulu Peninsula.


Project launches to 'find out more' about Welsh coastlines

People with a passion for the sea are being encouraged to get involved in a new coastal project, aimed at furthering our understanding of marine life.

Cattle graze along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path near Manorbier Credit: PA

Organisers of 'Capturing Our Coast', funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund, say the new project is designed to find out more about the species that live on our shores and how we can protect them.

Data will be collected from the coastline in Pembrokeshire, right round to Somerset and down to north Devon.

The data we collect will fill key knowledge gaps such as geographical species distributions, movement of warm water species , and occurrences of invasive non-native species.

– Dr Heather Sugden, Co-Principal Investigator

Cardiff-developed gold catalyst hits the market in China


The plastic, PVC, was developed in the late nineteenth century and has a wide variety of uses; from water pipes to credit cards.

But its production, from vinyl chloride, has stayed largely unchanged for fifty years.

Now a Cardiff developed process has hit the market in China to increase production. It uses gold as a catalyst which speeds up the conversion of vinyl chloride into PVC.

It's being manufactured at a factory in Shanghai.

Scientists say the catalyst has an unparalleled ability to speed up many reactions and make products cheaper, cleaner, safer and more sustainable.

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