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Cardiff University to perform stem cell transplant for Huntington’s Disease

Credit: Hendrik Schmidt/DPA/PA Images

Cardiff University says it is to use a stem cell transplant procedure that could benefit people affected by Huntington's Disease.

The condition is caused by a single faulty gene, which is currently incurable and affects everything from a person’s movement to their feelings and thought processes.

Whilst the measurability of the surgery’s success may not be clear-cut for more than a year post-transplantation, we are hopeful the procedure could significantly contribute to the long-term development of therapies for thousands of people living with Huntington’s disease.

– Professor William Gray, Cardiff University

Bronze Age burial 'found at Hill Fort in Ceredigion'

Credit: Google Maps

Ceredigion County Council says a survey in April at Pen Dinas Hill Fort near Aberystwyth revealed more archaeology within the fort than can be seen on the surface.

It was carried out by a team of archaeologists from Archaeology Wales, Trysor and a number of local people from the Penparcau Community Forum.

The council says the most significant discovery is the confirmation that a low mound on the hilltop is a Bronze Age round barrow. This is a grave site, where the cremated remains of an important figure would have been buried over 3500 years ago.

This is the first Bronze Age monument to be recorded in Penparcau and Aberystwyth. Its discovery changes the way we look at Pen Dinas and its hinterland. Its presence means that the hill must have been a place of special importance long before the hillfort was constructed...

These findings are re-writing history for Penparcau, Aberystwyth and Wales. It’s really exciting and nationally significant.

– Dr Alan Chamberlain, Penparcau Community Forum
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