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'No ceiling to girls' career success'

Credit: Lauren Hurley/PA Archive/PA Images

A conference in Wrexham today will hear that women and girls must not be deterred from pursuing careers in male-dominated industries, like science, technology and engineering.

The Girls Make a Difference conference aims to show careers in less traditional roles are accessible to women in Wales.

Over 100 year 12 and 13 girls from across Wales will meet with a range of successful women - from sportspeople, to engineers and Royal Air Force programmers, to get advice and guidance on how to make it to the top in non-traditional job roles and STEM careers.

Women make up 51% of our population in Wales and it is only right we see them fulfilling their potential and helping the Welsh economy to thrive.

– Lesley Griffiths AM, Communities Minister

Flood warning and alerts ahead of 'supertides'

High tides mean a large Severn Bore. Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

There is one flood warning and seven flood alerts in force for parts of South and West Wales ahead of what are expected to be so-called supertides.

The high tides coincide with the Moon orbiting the Earth at its closest approach (or Perigee). That has led to this week's supermoon.

They will also lead to a strong Severn Bore.



Award for satellite project team

The Herschel infrared space observatory. Credit: A9999 DB ESA/ AOES Medialab/DPA/PA Images

The Herschel and Plank project teams have been given this year's American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Space Systems Award.

Cardiff University's Astronomy Instrumentation Group was involved in the design of Herschel's SPIRE instrument. Members of the School of Physics and Astronomy are analysing data from the equipment.

Herschel, which operated from May 2009 until April 2013, carried the largest telescope ever built for a space observatory. Its 3.5 m-diameter primary mirror collected long-wavelength radiation from some of the coldest and most distant objects in the Universe, which was analysed with a payload of three scientific instruments.

The Planck satellite was designed to probe the remnants of the radiation that filled the Universe immediately after the Big Bang. It did this with a payload of two instruments that required innovative cooling technology to maintain them at a fraction of a degree above absolute zero.

Cardiff researchers in project to make cities 'greener'

Cardiff has extensive parkland in the city centre Credit: Barry Batchelor/PA Wire

Cardiff University has been awarded one of 14 research grants to develop 'green infrastructure' in urban areas around the world.

Urban forestry is one example in which woodland is planted in cities to manage storm water and reduce city temperatures.

Another example is ‘green roofing’, whereby roofs are partially or completely covered in vegetation to absorb rainwater, increase insulation and, again, reduce the temperature in cities to combat the so called ‘heat island effect’.

By taking advantage of the multiple benefits of green infrastructure, we hope to provide substantial economic, social and environmental gains not only for the US and Europe, but also developing countries around the world. To do this, we will need to develop approaches that are sensitive to local culture, knowledge and expertise

– Dr Andrea Frank, Cardiff University
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