Hundreds apply for apprenticeships

800 people apply for 12 apprenticeships in Swansea, just as a new report predicts unemployment in Wales will rise by 7,000 this year.

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Think tank: 'Gloomy outlook for employment prospects'

Richard Darlington, from the Institute for Public Policy Research, commented on the organisation's survey suggesting 41,000 extra under-25s will be out of work this year.

"I'm afraid that the signs for the economy according to the Office for Budget Responsibility is that the slowdown is going to continue." he said.

"Unfortunately, unemployment tends to lag the rest of the economy and we're not going to see unemployment fall in Wales until about 2013."


Hundreds apply for Welsh apprenticeships

Swansea Council says 800 applicants have applied for its apprenticeship scheme, of which twelve places are on offer.

It comes as a new report predicts 7,000 more people could become unemployed in Wales this year.

The survey by think tank the Institute for Public Policy Research also found that 41,000 extra under 25-year-olds in the UK will be out of work - a new record.

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