Latest unemployment figures

Figures from the Office of National Statistics show latest figures for employment in Wales

Almost a quarter of Welsh youngsters out of work

The latest unemployment figures show that nearly 24 per cent of Welsh people in their late teens and early 20s are out of work - one of the highest rates in Britain.

It contrasts with the general trend, where unemployment has dropped across Wales.

In the three months to April unemployment fell by two thousand to 132,000 - a rate of nine per cent.

Our business correspondent Carole Green has been finding out why young people are having such a tough time - and what's being done to help them.


Welsh Secretary: 'UK and Welsh Governments must work together'

Secretary of State for Wales Cheryl Gillan has welcomed the latest employment statistics, but warned there is still "a long way to go" to improve challenging economic conditions.

Wales is not immune to the uncertainties caused by the eurozone and what is essentially a complex and challenging labour market at the moment.

The unemployment rate in Wales continues to be an indicator that we must strive to do better, to work together as two Governments to create the right conditions for growth so that Wales can attract the investment and prosperity it needs.

– Secretary of State for Wales, Cheryl Gillan MP

Unemployment falls in Wales by 2,000

Latest figures from the Office of National Statistics have revealed that Wales has seen the number of people out of work fall by 2,000 between February and April 2012. Unemployment was at 132,000, but with 17,000 more people out of work when compared with the same 3 month period last year.

Any fall in unemployment is very welcome but I remain cautious over the next few months given the continuing economic challenges we face.

– Chris Grayling, Employment Minister

Unemployment rose by 1,000 up to February, figures show

Job centre
There was a small rise in the number of people claiming unemployment benefit Credit: ITV News Wales

1,000 extra people were unemployed in the three months up to February, according to figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

The total number of people out of work in the period stood at 131,000, a rate of 8.9%.

600 more people were claiming Jobseeker's Allowance compared to last month's figures. The overall rate stayed the same at 5.6%, putting Wales 0.7 points above the national average.


Latest unemployment figures

The latest unemployment figures are due out later today. Last month, they showed the number of people in Wales out of work rose slightly, to reach a hundred and thirty four thousand, in the three months to the end of January. The unemployment rate is higher in Wales than across the UK as a whole.