Dai Greene warns of rail hazards

Network Rail launches a campaign to alert people to the risks of trespassing on railway lines, with 400m hurdles champion Dai Greene trying to outrun a train

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Dai Greene fronts rail danger campaign

Greene said the experience made him aware of the sheer number of dangers on the railway Credit: Network Rail/Press Association

With forty-nine people killed last year taking short cuts across railway lines, Network Rail has enlisted Welsh 400m hurdles champion Dai Greene to warn of the risks.

Greene appears in an video as part of a campaign called 'Track Tests'. He is shown struggling to run along tracks due to rain, grease on the line and other hazards, to illustrate that if a fit, agile athlete is unable to get out of the way of a train, then others will not have a chance.

"On the running track it's important that my reactions are lightning fast but on the train track that didn't count for much" he said.

"The experience has brought to life just how many dangers there are on the rail tracks - most of which I knew nothing about".


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