Headteacher suspended for one year

A headteacher from Welshpool has been suspended from teaching for a year after being found guilty of seven counts of unacceptable professional misconduct.

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Head teacher denies mistreatment at tribunal

A tribunal has heard from a head teacher accused of unacceptable professional conduct towards pupils in Welshpool. At the hearing, Eirios Hall denied any mistreatment, arguing she told a boy with a speech impediment to "open his mouth and speak properly" as part of his speech therapy.

In 2009, when she was head teacher of Ardwyn nursery and infants school, in Welshpool, Mrs Hall is alleged to have presided over a 'reign of terror'. One former teacher said Mrs Hall even made one child wet himself because she wouldn't let him go to the toilet.

Explaining her actions at the General Teaching Council for Wales in Cardiff, she also admitted grabbing and pulling a four year old up by his sweatshirt - but she said "It was a mad moment of caring" and that she thought he was going to fall down.

Teachers who support the former head teacher are due to speak in support of her tomorrow.

Welshpool headteacher bragged of 'breaking' students

A tribunal has heard how a headteacher reduced children as young as four to tears then bragged about "breaking" them. The General Teaching Council for Wales heard how Eiros Hall mocked, humiliated and violently manhandled pupils at a nursery school in an alleged reign of terror lasting years.

Mrs Hall, in her late 50s, was headteacher at Ardwyn Nursery and Infant School, in Welshpool, from 1997.

Mrs Hall is accused of unacceptable professional conduct towards pupils at the school. She denies 14 allegations ranging from shouting at pupils to mocking a child whose father who had died.

A shocked whistleblower said she felt powerless to hold her to account when she witnessed her abuse of pupils. Elen Peate said she was shocked by her behaviour but unable to act as Mrs Hall doubled as the school child protection officer.

No longer at the school, details of the allegations against her were only passed to the authorities when a new deputy head began.

A GTCW professional panel, sitting in Cardiff, will hear from four whistleblowers who were all teachers at the school. It will also hear evidence from eight teachers whose testimony supports Mrs Hall's denial of the allegations.

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