Evacuated village all-clear

Hundreds of residents from Pennal, in Gwynedd, are told they're safe to return to their homes, after the village was evacuated due to flood fears.

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Pennal residents' relief

Linda and John Jones returned home late last night, after their village - Pennal in Gwynedd - was evacuated over fears that water from a nearby quarry would flood it. She describes their relief that their home was spared the fate of many devastated by flood water 20 miles south in Ceredigion.

Residents told it's safe to go home

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service say that evacuated residents have been told it's safe for them to return to the village of Pennal, in Gwynedd, as the level of risk from a breached dam has been "satisfactorily reduced."

A measured slow release of water has happened, to reduce the water to a safe level. A trench has now been created which will allow water to dissipate.

'Hopeful' that people can return home tonight

A controlled release of water from the dam blockage above the village of Pennal has taken place, and is ongoing, to reduce water levels. North Wales Police say they're "hopeful" that people can return to their homes tonight.

Residents from around 100 households have been asked to evacuate their homes this afternoon, and most of them have done so. Around a dozen have congregated in a nearby leisure centre.


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