Wales 'underfunded by £540m'

Plaid Cymru claims its analysis of UK Treasury final spending figures shows that Wales was underfunded by more than previously estimated.

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Plaid's underfunding claim - Welsh Government response

The Welsh Government has responded to Plaid's criticism that it's not doing enough to call for a new funding arrangement for Wales. A spokesman said,

We have consistently argued that the Barnett Formula underfunds the people of Wales. Over time, it is very likely to lead to ever-greater underfunding of Welsh public services. The independent Holtham Commission confirmed this view. Clearly, that is unacceptable.

The Holtham Commission proposed a simple way of making the Barnett formula fairer in the short term, by introducing a funding ‘floor’. This would make a real difference to us in Wales and it could be introduced at the stroke of a Treasury pen.

In the medium term, we want to see the Barnett formula replaced by a system that delivers a fair and sustainable financial settlement for Wales.

We have consistently called on the UK Government to progress talks on reforming the way Wales is funded. Our position is very clear – it is time the UK Government set out theirs.


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