EU blamed for school food delay

Measures aimed at making school meals healthier will not be fully implemented until 2013, four years after the Assembly passed the necessary legislation. The Education Minister says European Union rules have caused the latest delay.

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Healthy eating rules for schools must wait

Rules aimed at making Welsh schools offer healthier food to their pupils won't be brought in until 2013, the Education Minister has announced. Leighton Andrews say that the 'Appetite for Life' legislation, passed by the Assembly in 2009, must undergo a three month review by the European Union.

The EU review is make sure that the Welsh Government isn't inhibiting European free trade by creating a 'technical barrier'. Mr Andrews says he will still bring the new rules into force at the start of the new school year in September 2013, as originally planned. The main requirements are:

  • Councils and school governors must promote healthy eating and drinking
  • All schools must have free drinking water available.
  • Pupils should be encouraged to have school meals and school milk.
  • Every child entitled to a free meal should get one, without being identified as not having paid.

The Minister says that in practice most schools are well on track to meeting the new standards.

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