Healthier NHS staff drive

'The Champions for Health' campaign has recruited more than 1,100 health service staff to act as role models for healthy living, by improving their own lifestyles.

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NHS staff get fit

NHS staff in Wales are being encouraged to act as role models for their patients.

They're being asked to sign up to a six month challenge and will try to commit to two lifestyle changes. Our Health Correspondent Mariclare Carey-Jones reports.

'Now's the time to start putting my life back on track'

Richard Hook from the Welsh Ambulance Service is one NHS worker who has pledged to live a healthier lifestyle as part of the 'Champions for Health' project.

The 55-year-old, who is based in Swansea, admits his life has become 'more sedentary' but has now committed to exercise and healthy eating.

The project aims to recruit one thousand health service staff from around Wales who will commit to specific healthy-living goals and act as role models for their patients and the public.

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