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Latest NHS figures show 41 people died in 2011 - 2012 waiting for a transplant.

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Number of patients dying from transplant wait 'still too high'

The Blood and Transplant Activity Report for 2011-2012 gives figures for organ donation and transplantation across the UK Credit: Andrew Parsons/PA Archive

Figures released by the NHS show 41 people died waiting for a organ transplant in Wales last year.

While this number is less than the previous year, the medical director of NHS Wales, Dr Chris Jones, said it was "still too high" and everything should be done to increase the number of organ donors.

Dr Jones also called for the introduction of new legislation on organ and tissue donation for Wales.

The Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) Activity Report for 2011-2012 shows that the amount of registered donors stayed exactly the same at 31 per cent, which is above the UK average.

This, combined with a slight fall in the number of donations from Welsh residents, supports Dr Jones's comments.

Also included in the report was a rise in the number of organ transplants by 18 per cent to 330.

Dr Chris Jones added: "The Welsh Government working with the NHS is committed to continuing to increase the number of organ donation and transplants."

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