Social housing quality 'failing'

Some of Wales' social housing is failing to achieve minimum quality standards, according to a National Assembly for Wales committee report.

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Housing charity responds to Assembly Committee report

Housing charity, Shelter Cymru, has expressed concern about the quality of social housing in Wales. It's after a report by the National Assembly for Wales revealed that families are living in homes that fail to meet minimum standards.

We appreciate the significant challenges facing local authorities in bringing their properties up to standard but we are equally clear that this should not be allowed to slip down the agenda. The link between poor housing conditions and physical and mental ill health are well documented and substantial.

Research commissioned jointly by Shelter Cymru and the Building Research Establishment has shown that addressing Category 1 hazards (eg damp, cold, uneven steps) in Wales housing stock, both social and privately owned, could save the NHS £67m a year in treatment costs alone.

We hope that a successful resolution to the negotiations on the HRA subsidy will give local authorities some much needed resources to ensure that their housing meets the minimum standards that we should all be able to expect from our home.

– Spokesperson, Shelter Cymru

The Welsh Government says it'll respond to the report in due course.


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