Flu jab campaign

A campaign is being launched to encourage the wider population to get flu jabs. At the moment people in high risk groups such as asthmatics are offered vaccination shots or nasal sprays, but the take-up is lower in Wales than the rest of the UK.

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Chief Medical Officer raises awareness for flu jab

A campaign has got underway today to encourage people to get the seasonal flu jab.

The Chief Medical Officer, Ruth Hussey, is encouraging people in "at risk" groups and over the age of 65 to have the vaccination.

Flu can cause serious illness and could be life threatening, especially for the elderly, pregnant women and those with existing medical conditions.

Flu jab campaign launches in Wales

Last winter 607 people died of flu in England and Wales Credit: ITV News Wales

The Chief Medical Officer for Wales, Dr Ruth Hussey, launches the seasonal flu campaign today.

It is hoped that more people will be encouraged to take up the jab, especially those in 'At Risk' groups and people aged 65 and over.

People in 'at-risk' groups are offered the injection currently, but the take-up is lower in Wales than the rest of the UK.


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