Plans for Wales to have 30 MPs

The Boundary Commission for Wales is drawing up 30 Welsh parliamentary constituencies to replace the existing 40 seats.

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  1. Adrian Masters

AMs tied into boundary change controversy

Boundary change has become a major issue in Welsh politics - and not just because it would mean the end of familiar constituencies and the loss of a quarter of Wales' MPs.

It's also because there are Wales Office proposals to change Assembly boundaries which are linked to the Westminster plans and just as controversial.

  1. Adrian Masters

Cut to Welsh MPs could be dropped

There are reports that the UK Government is close to abandoning controversial changes which would see the number of Welsh MPs cut from 40 to 30.It's claimed that Conservative ministers will allow a vote in the Lords which would have the effect of the changes until after the 2015 election.

This would be a vote on an amendment tabled by Labour but backed by Lib Dem peers despite reported anger of their coalition colleagues.It's also backed by Plaid Cymru peer Lord Wigley. A Plaid MP told me today that 'it's all over' for boundary reform.

But the Liberal Democrats are stepping back from the reports. One source suggested that 'somebody has jumped the gun.' A spokesperson for the Lib Dem peers told me: 'We are aware of discussions going on, but there has been no conclusion.'


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