Cardiff development plans

Councillors in Cardiff have voted in favour of plans to bring 40,000 new jobs and over 45,000 homes to the city over the next 14 years.

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Council to vote on 'biggest expansion of Cardiff for fifty years'

Controversial proposals being considered in Cardiff tonight could lead to the biggest expansion of the capital in fifty years.

Cardiff council's preferred development plan would see a very different vision for the city by 2026, with 45,000 new homes being built

They estimate by 2026 there will be another 40,000 jobs available in the Capital, which it's thought will bring the total population of Cardiff to 408,000, over 50,000 more than today.

The council believes its plans will meet increasing demand to live and work in Cardiff.

But opponents of the plan are worried about how transport will cope, the loss of greenfield sites, and if there will be a detrimental impact on the surrounding areas as the Capital expands.

Esyllt Carr reports.


Cardiff expansion vote

Councillors in Cardiff will today vote on plans to build more than 45,000 homes in and around the Welsh capital.

The local development plan sets out the shape of Cardiff over the next 14 years. It says over half the homes will be built on brownfield sites, with the rest on land yet to be developed.

The blueprint includes plans for:

  • 40,000 new jobs and 45,000 new homes
  • Improved transport links in and around the city
  • Protected countryside and heritage
  • 'Roath Basin' - a mixed-use scheme including offices, residential, retail and leisure
  • Cardiff Central Enterprise Zone

Today's vote will be followed by a public consultation and more work on the plans.

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