'Moderate' drinking impact

It's the start of Alcohol Awareness Week, and health chiefs say alcohol-related illnesses are putting a strain on the NHS in Wales. Professionals are four times more likely to develop alcohol problems than the unemployed, according to campaigners

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Lifestyle changes to cut down on alcohol

The 'Change 4 Life' campaign recommends lifestyle changes to help reduce the amount of alcohol we drink.

  • You can still enjoy a drink, just have less
  • Instead of a strong beer or wine, have one with a lower alcohol content
  • Try adding a mixer to make it last longer
  • Take a break between drinks and have a soft drink in between to help you stay hydrated
  • Try only drinking at home with your main meal

Health experts say you will feel the benefits of drinking less very quickly.

  • Feeling better in the mornings
  • Having more energy and feeling less tired during the day
  • Your skin may start to look better
  • You'll start to feel in better shape
  • You may stop gaining weight or lose some pounds

There are also suggestions of how to relax and unwind without having a drink.

  • pampering yourself with a bath
  • sipping a cup of herbal tea
  • rediscovering your music collection
  • catching up with an old friend on the phone
  • walking the dog
  • starting a new hobby
  • going for a run, a swim or a bike ride
  • joining a club, gym or five-a-side team
  • treating the family to a day out