Child services staff suspended

Cardiff Council has suspended a number of members of staff, after a recent audit found further investigation into a number of cases in children's health and disability was needed.

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Cases in children's services 'needed further investigation'

The Council regularly conducts internal audits of performance in Children Services as part of our commitment to make sure everything is being done to the highest standards to safeguard children and young people in Cardiff.

These audits are very thorough, as the well-being and safeguarding of children in care is of paramount importance.

As a result of one of these recent internal audits it was discovered a small number of cases in the Child Health and Disability Team needed further investigation.

Although it is only a small number of cases audited that have caused concern it is important the Council act decisively as any matter of child protection is of utmost priority. Therefore immediate action has been taken to suspend a number of members of staff, as a neutral act, to enable a thorough, independent investigation.

During this time interim management arrangements are in place. We will be making sure that everything possible is being done to quickly resolve this matter ensuring the appropriate investigation is carried out swiftly and thoroughly.

– Cardiff Council spokesperson


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