'End violent relationships' pleads mother

The mother of Kirsty Grabham, killed by her husband, urges people in abusive relationships to end them.

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'Troubled relationship' ended in tragedy

Paul Grabham was found guilty of Kirsty's murder in February 2010. During the trial the court heard that they had a 'stormy' marriage. Both worked as prostitutes and were often heard arguing by neighbours.

On 28th March 2009 they were on a night out in Swansea. They had taken cocaine and were drinking. Friends heard them rowing in the nightclub. Paul left and when Kirsty arrived home at about 4am the arguments started again. He then strangled his wife and kicked her.

Paul Grabham put Kirsty's body in a suitcase and drove along the M4. Near Bridgend he dropped the suitcase over a motorway bridge into undergrowth, hoping it would lie undiscovered. But a lorry driver found the body just a week later.


'She knew he'd kill her'

Kirsty Grabham's family say that she knew her husband would kill her and that he'd been violent before.

Kirsty knew he was going to kill her. She knew. She wrote out her own funeral list, a plan of ten things. She was absolutely terrified of him. She'd written it in her diary that she wanted to leave him.

– Kirsty Grabham's mother, Cathy Broomfield
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