Dementia patient 'let down'

The son of a man with dementia who died after going missing from a 'dementia-friendly' ward at Panteg County Hosptial, Torfaen, has criticised staff for a lack of care and dilgilence. The comments form part of a report from the Patients' Association.

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Heath board: 'Our thoughts are with Ronald Bowman's family'

Our thoughts remain with the family and friends of Mr Bowman following this tragic incident in July.

When an in-patient leaves a ward unexpectedly an internal investigation will always take place and this case has therefore been the subject of a Serious Incident Investigation within the Health Board.

We have maintained contact with Mr Bowmans' family and have shared our investigation findings with them in a recent meeting.

As this case is the subject of a formal complaint it would however not be appropriate to comment further at this time."

– Aneurin Bevan Health Board

Newport dementia patient 'wasn't given the care he deserved'

Ronald Bowman's son Nick says staff at Panteg County Hospital should have kept a closer eye on his father, especially since he had tried to leave the hospital on two previous occasions.

Mr Bowman's shoes were found on the bank of a river near to the hospital. Three weeks later, his body was found four miles downstream.

Nick Bowman says his father had become "increasingly agitated" in the weeks before his third disappearance, and may have been trying to return home.

The constant reassurance from medical staff that she should not worry as he was being well looked after, calmed my mother down.

My family and I are incredibly hurt and distressed that after my father was admitted to hospital with meningitis, and seemingly making a recovery, he was left without any of the basic care that he deserved and he needed.

My father should have been cared for by staff at an appropriate level. My father was supposed to be checked on by staff every 15 minutes.

– Nick Bowman


Charity: NHS 'lets down' vulnerable patients

Ronald Bowman went missing from the ward on three occasions Credit: Bowman family

The son of a man with dementia who died after going missing from a 'dementia-friendly' ward at Panteg County Hospital, Torfaen, has spoken out about a lack of "care and diligence" from staff.

Ronald Bowman, 74, drowned in a nearby river after walking out of the hospital on June 29th, and had escaped from the ward of two previous occasions. His family believe he was trying to return home to his wife in Langstone, Newport.

Son Nick Bowman contributed to a report published today by the Patients Association, which includes accounts from the patients or relatives who've experienced poor care in hospitals and care homes.

"The sad conclusion of this report is that still far too many patients are being shockingly let down by the NHS every day." says the group's chief executive Katherine Murphy.

"These appalling and tragic cases serve to highlight the devastating consequences when poor practice is left unchallenged and unchanged. Behind each one are many more unheard voices."

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