No charges for Cardiff Three officer

The CPS says it won't prosecute a South Wales Police officer alleged to have fabricated evidence in one of Wales' most notorious murder cases - the investigation into the murder of Cardiff newsagent Philip Saunders.

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Michael O'Brien: 'The real killer is out there'

Michael O'Brien, who spent eleven years in jail after being wrongly convicted of the murder of Cardiff newsagent Philip Saunders, says today's announcement from the CPS is a disappointment.

"I feel such an injustice at the way I've been treated. What about the victim's family? They still haven't had justice."

"The real killer is out there, and it doesn't seem to bother people in authority. I find that extraordinary."

CPS: No prosecution for police officer over Cardiff Newsagent Three case

No charges will be brought against a South Wales Police officer alleged to have fabricated evidence in one of Wales' most notorious murder cases, the Crown Prosecution Service has announced.

In 1988, Darren Hall, Ellis Sherwood and Michael O'Brien were sentenced to life in prison for the murder and robbery of newsagent Philip Saunders - but their convictions were quashed eleven years later.

Mr O'Brien and Mr Sherwood were awarded £300,000 and £200,000 compensation respectively in 2006.

I have decided that no charges should be brought in relation to allegations that a South Wales police officer fabricated evidence during the investigation into the tragic murder of Phillip Saunders in 1987.

Following an investigation by South Wales Police, supervised by the Independent Police Complaints Commission I have considered all of the available evidence, including that which arose during previous proceedings and additional new evidence, including expert evidence.

– Alison Storey, Specialist Prosecutor in the CPS Special Crime Division

The CPS added that the evidence reviewed "was neither clear nor consistent and that no credible picture that might support a prosecution could be determined".

Michael O'Brien has told ITV Wales of his disappointment, and says he intends to campaign for a judicial review of the case.


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