Aberporth's drone airport

An airport in West Wales has become one of the busiest of its kind in the world - despite having hardly any passengers. The airstrip, near Aberporth in Ceredigion, has become a hub for drones.

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The secrets of Aberporth's drone airport

An airport in West Wales is fast becoming a world leader in the development of unmanned flight.

The airport at Aberporth is already used by the Ministry of Defence for testing of some of its aerial systems - also known as drones.

The site - the National Aeronautical Centre - is hoping to be at the heart of a growing multi billion pound industry.

Our reporter Dean Thomas went along to find out how the airport is leading the field in unmanned flight.

Aberporth airport owner: 'We're recognised internationally for our drones'

"This area is already in the lead of the test and development of this system" says Ray Mann, the owner of Aberporth Airport.

"It is recognised internationally now, what we do. There will be many opportunities in the future for companies to come here and operate their systems and maximise the potential from this new unmanned air vehicle market".


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