Leveson report published

Lord Justice Leveson has recommended further press regulation, underpinned by law, in his long-awaited report.

Leveson report: Welsh phone-hacking victims welcome findings

More Welsh victims of phone hacking are emerging as the report into press standards is published. It's claimed that the Welsh Education Minisiter, Leighton Andrews had his phone hacked by journalists.

Lord Justice Leveson's eight month inquiry today concluded that there should be greater press regulation.

The finding has been welcomed by Chris Bryant, the MP for the Rhondda who was himself a victim of hacking.

Our Correspondent Esyllt Carr reports.

Rhondda MP Chris Bryant praises "impressive" Leveson speech


#leveson is impressive. The law needs to change. Self-interest regulation isn't regulation at all. Genuinely independent regulation vital.


Leveson right Black & Hunt model doesn't come close to independence. Still industry marking its own homework.


True independence from press, government and politicians.