Bipolar woman's £6000 debt

Julia Chaffe found herself in £6000 worth of debt after taking out payday loans while on highs caused by her bipolar disorder.

Mental health charity: 'Vulnerable people are running up debts'

A Welsh charity has told Wales Tonight that tighter regulations are needed for lending money to people with mental health problems.

Mind Cymru says vulnerable patients are racking up thousands of pounds of debt because of their illness.

Julia Chaffe from Ystradgynlais ran up more than £6,000 in loans and credit card bills because she couldn't control her spending when she was in a manic phase of her illness.

She's been speaking exclusively to our Health Correspondent Mariclare Carey-Jones.

Bipolar sufferer struggles with debt after spending thousands on shopping sprees

Julia's story is so common that the charity Mind has set up a credit union in its office in Ystradgynlais to help people who get into serious debt because of their mental health problems.

Julia Chaffe from Ystradgynlais found herself in more than £6000 of debt after going on huge spending sprees while on highs caused by her bipolar disorder.