Cattle vaccination 'workshop'

International experts are gathering in Cardiff to discuss whether cattle vaccination could help the eradication of Bovine TB.

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International experts at Cardiff conference

Experts from New Zealand are among those in Cardiff for a conference hosted by the Welsh Government on the possible use of cattle vaccination to eradicate bovine TB.

Cattle vaccination is not currently allowed under EU legislation, because the best vaccine interferes with the main diagnostic test used to establish if herds have tuberculosis.

More than 1,400 badgers have so far been vaccinated under the Welsh Government's pilot programme to tackle bovine TB, which is being carried out in north Pembrokeshire, and parts of Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire.

Bovine TB: cattle vaccination programme?

I am very pleased to welcome some of the world's leading experts in cattle vaccination to Wales for what I am confident will be a valuable event, and one that will move us closer to our goal of a cattle vaccination strategy for Wales.

Such a strategy is a high priority for the Welsh Government. We know it is going to take time to get there, and that there are technical and legislative hurdles to be overcome but we are keen to do all we can to accelerate the process and make cattle vaccination a reality in Wales.

– John Griffiths AM, Environment Minister


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