Fall in Welsh speakers

Figures on all aspects of life in Wales, gathered in last year's census, have been released today. They show that the number of people who can read, write and speak Welsh has fallen over the last ten years.

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Census: Wales in poor health

The census figures show Wales compares badly with England in terms of people's healthiness.

  • 8 of the top 10 local authorities with the highest proportion of residents who said they are in 'very bad health' are in Wales
  • 78% of people in Wales described themselves as in 'good or very good health' - compared to 81% in England
  • 23% of people in Wales had an activity-limiting long-term illness - compared to 18% in England

Census: Welsh language users fall

The number of people in Wales who can speak, read and write in the Welsh language has fallen over the last ten years. It dropped by 27,000, according to census figures released this morning.

  • In 2001 - 458,000 aged 3 and over could speak, read and write Welsh
  • In 2011 - 431,000 aged 3 and over could speak, read and write Welsh

According to the 2011 figures:

  • 30% of Welsh speakers are under the age of 16
  • 80% of people aged 45 to 49 said they had 'no skills in Welsh'


Census figures: "It's important for Welsh speakers to be counted"

Today's census figures will focus on international migration, ethnic groups and religion - and the Welsh language.

Some parents like Rhian Cecil hope it'll lead to more Welsh medium and bilingual schools over the next ten years.

"It's really important for us as Welsh speakers to be stood up and counted".

"Hopefully all the figures can help local councils create more provision".

Information on Welsh life released from 2011 Census

Welsh language and identity are expected to feature prominently in the latest Census findings Credit: Martin Rickett/PA Wire

Key information about Welsh life over the past decade will be released today from the 2011 Census.

Interesting areas could include Welsh language and national identity, ethnicity, religion, migration and health.

The first release of 2011 Census data in July provided household and population estimates - by age and sex - for Wales and its local authorities.

It revealed that Wales' population now exceeds three million - an increase of five per cent in the past decade.

The latest figures will be published by the Office for National Statistics at 9.30am.