Unemployment falls by 15,000

There's been a drop in the number of people out of work in Wales.

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Welsh Secretary comments on unemployment figures

The latest figures have underlined the importance of Welsh Government ministers working with their UK Government counterparts to maximise economic growth potential in Wales.

Our labour market continues to out-perform other parts of the UK, with an extra 4,000 people in employment in Wales over the last quarter, and an extra 38,000 finding employment over the last year.

The message is clear – we need to continue to put the conditions in place to support long-term economic growth across Wales and the rest of the UK.

– Welsh Secretary, David Jones

Fall in unemployment in Wales

There's been a big fall in unemployment across Wales, according to the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics.

In the three months to October there were 15,000 fewer people out of work, giving a total of 117,000.

Across Britain, employment is down 83,000 to just over 2.5 million.


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