Police CCTV initiative

South Wales Police are piloting a new initiative in Pontypridd, where a local officer will become the first in the UK to become a 'walking CCTV camera' as part of measures to tackle crime in the town centre.

Campaigners say police CCTV initiative is a 'gimmick'

Emma Carr is the Deputy Director of Big Brother Watch, and she says the new initiative in Pontypridd sounds like "a bit of a gimmick".

"We know with CCTV cameras in general that they have little impact on minor crimes... and so having a CCTV on a policeman's chest, for instance, isn't necessarily going to bring down more than that police officer being in the vicinity at the time".

Crime-fighting initiative in Pontypridd

The officer will use state-of-the-art equipment Credit: ITV News Wales

A Pontypridd police officer will be the first to trial a new high-tech crime fighting initiative - using hand-held CCTV equipment to tackle crime in the town centre.

The officer will use the CCTV along with other state-of-the-art gadgets as part of efforts to reduce anti-social behaviour over the festive season.