Protest secures Tata Steel jobs

Jobs for contractors at Tata Steel's Port Talbot site were reinstated after workers picketed the gates.

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Jobs reinstated after protest

Contractors at Tata Steel's Port Talbot plant have had their jobs reinstated after holding an unofficial picketline this morning.

The workers had claimed they were being replaced by foreign workers on lower pay rates.

Contractors picketing the Port Talbot site this morning Credit: Richard Morgan/ITV

Following the protest, Tata Steel released a statement saying that discussions had taken place with the principal contractor. A spokesperson confirmed that the affected workers will now continue in their jobs until their parts in the project are completed.

The picketline at the Tata Steel plant Credit: Richard Morgan/ITV


Tata steelworks protest over contractors dispute

A unofficial picket line is being staged at the Tata Steel plant in Port Talbot this morning after contract workers claim they were replaced by foreign workers on lower pay rates.

It comes a day after 47 contract workers were told their work was coming to an end.

The men claim they have now been replaced by Polish and German workers on lower pay.

Tata Steel say they have not made any employee redundant and a single contract that was been carried out by a German company has now come to an end.

One contract worker - Robert Newton - says he was working at the plant as an insulation engineer for three months and was told the news on Monday when the men turned up after the holidays.

The men, who say they are all members of the GMB union, say they will demonstrate at the plant all morning.

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