Police on patrol over metal theft

The British Transport Police have been patrolling the Rhymney Valley after £14,000 worth of metal was stolen from the railway.

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Report: Metal theft worth £14,000

British Transport Police are appealing for help to catch thieves who stole fourteen thousand pounds worth of cabling from tracks in the Rhymney Valley.

They say recent legislation, which makes it illegal for scrap metal dealers to give cash, is going some way to reducing the problem. But as Hannah Thomas reports, they've still got a big fight on the hands to stop it altogether.

£14,000 railway metal theft in Rhymney Valley

£14,000 worth of metal has been stolen from the railway in the New Tredegar area .

The British Transport Police is asking anyone who may have seen anything suspicious between the 2nd and 8th of January, when the thefts occurred, to contact them on 0800 405040.

Officers are investigating four separate incidents in and around the Brithdir area.

We will be carrying out directed patrols along the Rhymney Valley line, including officers patrolling on foot, in vehicles and with police dogs, to catch and deter criminals, and will link with Gwent Police to gather intelligence on suspects in the area.

The irony is that the stolen items are of no real value to anyone outside the railway industry, yet the cost to replace them is extremely high. In fact, the thieves will struggle to get any money at all, as scrap metal dealers are highly unlikely to accept them.

– Sergeant Dave Morris, British Transport Police


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