Gwynedd Council walkout

Around 300 members of Gwynedd Council have taken part in a walkout to demonstrate their anger over pay awards to Corporate Directors.

Gwynedd Council insists pay is at 'reasonable level'

The facts demonstrate that Gwynedd Council is not an overly-generous employer in relation to senior management when compared to other Councils and other public sector employers. However, we do need to maintain reasonable levels of pay, to honour contractual commitments and adhere to the Council's pay policy. The senior management costs per head in Gwynedd remain lower than most authorities in Wales.

The pay policy endorsed by the Council for 2012/13 has not changed since 2009 - however deferring the uprating of pay to the 2009 benchmark levels any longer would have only increased the cumulative problem for future years and created retention and recruitment problems in the interim. All in all, we've had to bite the bullet and move on.

– Harry Thomas, Gwynedd Council Chief Executive

Gwynedd Council responds to staff walk out

The Council has not uprated actual pay since 2009 to ensure it meets the benchmark levels which are effectively the new pay scales. A gap has therefore opened up over the years between actual pay and contractual commitments.

In 2012, in accordance with new statutory guidance, the Council had to adopt a pay policy for senior management for the year. The Chief Executive did not recommend any increases in the pay policy but did highlight that even adopting the existing policy would entail an element of catch up from 2009 as actual pay had not increased in line with the benchmarks.

The full Council accepted the Chief Executive's report in June 2012.

The Chief Executive has, after consultation with Cabinet Members, implemented the Council's pay policy. In so doing he decided not to backdate the award to previous years and also decided not to implement from 1 April 2012 in accordance with managers' entitlements. The pay was increased from 1 October in order to spread the cost over two financial years.

Even after implementing the pay policy adopted by the Council in June, the uprated pay will still be comparatively low when compared to other authorities.

– Gwynedd Council spokesperson


Gwynedd Council staff to take part in walk-out

Members of Gwynedd Council will take part in a walk-out today to demonstrate their anger over the Council's decision to award 7% pay rises to some of its' Corporate Directors.

The protest will be led by Unison, after an emergency meeting was held last week.

Our members are understandably extremely angry about the decision to offer Corporate Directors a large pay rise whilst our members are making sacrifices to save jobs and services. It is grossly unfair and insulting to Cyngor Gwynedd Council workers.

We will also be holding a lobby of the Council meeting which is taking place on the same day. We know that it is not only our members who are angry about unfair pay rises, but also members of the wider community. So we are calling on members of the public to stand alongside us on Thursday to send a clear message to the Council that awarding pay rises to Corporate Directors whilst the majority of Council workers are giving up terms and conditions is simply not acceptable.

– Silyn Roberts, union Branch Secretary for Gywnedd

The action will take place today at 12.30pm.