Manufacturing 'key to economy'

The Secretary of State for Wales visits Airbus in Broughton and JCB Transmissions in Wrexham to highlight how vital manufacturing is to the Welsh economy.

Manufacturing 'key' to Welsh economy

The Welsh Secretary, David Jones, was in North Wales today trying to highlighting the importance of the manufacturing sector to the Welsh economy.

It employs more than 152 thousand people here - that's over 10% of all Welsh jobs.

But with the UK Government's plans to hold a referendum on Europe, what do two of our biggest manufacturers think of the move?


We must 'rebuild manufacturing'

On his visit to Airbus in Broughton and JCB Transmissions in Wrexham, the Secretary of State for Wales will be emphasising the importance of manufacturing to the economy.

The companies I am visiting today are centres of manufacturing excellence and are key employers in North Wales. Their successes reinforce how important it is to rebalance and rebuild manufacturing and engineering in Britain.

While Airbus and JCB are experiencing success at home and abroad, we are under no illusions about some of the challenges experience by other manufacturers in Wales.

– David Jones, Secretary of State for Wales

High profile visit to highlight importance of manufacturing to Wales

Airbus sign
Airbus in Broughton employs over 6,000 workers Credit: PA Wire

The Secretary of State for Wales, David Jones, will tour the wing assembly plant at Airbus and meet the graduates and employees taking part in one of the UK's largest apprenticeship programmes.

He'll go on to visit JCB Transmissions in Wrexham where the focus will be on the contribution the site makes to the research, development and manufacturing of JCB products worldwide.