Siddiqi killers jailed for life

Ben Hope and Jason Richards, the killers of Cardiff A-Level student Aamir Siddiqi, have each received a life sentence in jail.

The judge at Cardiff Crown Court told them they must each serve a minimum term of 40 years.

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Aamir Siddiqi's killers will spend 'at least 40 years' in jail

Two hitmen found guilty of killing a seventeen year old schoolboy by mistake have been told they will spend at least forty years each in jail

Jason Richards and Ben Hope had been paid to kill a man in a row over a collapsed property deal.

Instead, they called on the wrong house in the wrong street and murdered Aamir Siddiqi as he waitied for a koran lesson, then attacked his parents.

Our Correspondent Joanna Simpson reports.


Judge: 'Aamir was destined for a special place in society'

Aamir Siddiqi was the youngest child and only son. He was a bright, gentle and courteous boy. Much loved by all his family. He was destined for a special place in society.

On 11th April 2010 you two came in wearing balaclavas and glovesmaking a terrible howling sound.

The attack on him was brutal, savage and cruel. Your concern was not this fine family.

Your concern was to get your money. You wanted your blood money. In my view it was £1000 each. What a pittance for a human life'.

  1. Joanna Simpson

Judge refers to "moving" victim statements from Aamir's family

His father speaks of Aamir's warmth and respect. How Aamir used to rest his head on his shoulder and tell him about his day. He tells how their lives have become blank and void.

His mother says the scars on her own body have healed but inside she is raw. She says they are afraid of answering the doorbell.His sisters speak in the most moving terms.

"The brutal beating of our beloved Aamir took the beating heart out our family. As the worldmoves on we are left feeling bereft of his love."



Aamir Siddiqi murderers to be sentenced

Aamir Siddiqi was stabbed to death on his doorstep Credit: Family/South Wales Police

The two men convicted of murdering Aamir Siddiqi will be sentenced at Swansea Crown Court this morning.

Jason Richards, 38 and Ben Hope, 39, were found guilty of stabbing the 17-year-old A-Level student to death on his doorstep in Roath, Cardiff, and attempting to murder his parents in April 2010.

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