More 20mph zones for Wales?

Assembly Members debate whether we should increase the number of 20mph zones in built-up areas. Campaigners say it could lead to fewer people being killed on our roads, as well as benefiting the environment.


'We need to maintain free flow of traffic'

The RAC caution that blanket 20 mph zones should not be introduced. Instead they say that the limits should only be put in place in accident black spots, busy urban sections and near schools.

It would be wholly inappropriate to introduce more 20 mph speed limits unless the conditions and traffic levels warranted it. There is a need to balance road safety considerations with the need to maintain the free flow of traffic in urban areas and common sense needs to be applied in each local situation to determine the appropriate speed limit.

– David Bizley, RAC Technical Director

20 mph 'should be the norm' across Wales

Transport charity, Sustrans Cymru, say that lower speed limits should become widespread.

Widespread 20 mph limits in our communities have been shown to reduce accidents and increase levels of walking and cycling, helping us all to lead healthier lives

– Mark Hemsley, Sustrans Cymru

Should Wales have more 20mph zones?

20 mph sign
20 mph speed limits are becoming more common across Wales Credit: Stephen Kelly/PA Wire

The National Assembly will debate whether to increase the number of 20mph zones in Wales.

21% of people killed or seriously injured in accidents are pedestrians and campaigners say this figure would be reduced with slower speed limits.