Cwmcarn school protest

More than five hundred parents and pupils have marched through Cwmcarn in a bid to see their school reopened after an asbestos scare.

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500 parents and pupils match through Cwmcarn

More than five hundred pupils and their parents have marched through Cwmcarn today in an attempt to persuade the local council to reopen their school.

Cwmcarn High School was closed last October after an investigation supposedly found dangerous levels of asbestos.

But two subsequent reports have argued that the building is "essentially uncontaminated", so parents now say they want their children back at the site. With more, here's our Valleys reporter Hannah Thomas.


Cwmcarn students show support for school

Students sport "Keep CHS Cwmcarn Open" signs Credit: Hannah Thomas/ITV News

Parents and pupils have marched from Cwmcarn Village to Cwmcarn High School today to show support for the school.

The site shut last year after abestos was found.

Parents and pupils have told ITV News that they are worried about its future.

Parents and students of Cwmcarn High School march to show support for their school Credit: Hannah Thomas/ITV News
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