'Work Your Proper Hours Day'

People in Wales regularly work 6.2 hours more each week than they are paid for, according to Wales Trades Union Congress. Today is the ninth annual 'Work Your Proper Hours Day', where workers are encouraged to take their breaks and leave on time.

Wales TUC: 'Extra working hours adding up to £735m'

The average employee in Wales works an extra 6.2 hours per week - adding up to an extra £735m-worth of value to the Welsh economy.

"That's a huge amount of hours," said Rhianydd Wiliams from Wales TUC.

"We're asking employers to recognise these extra hours and maybe looking at better ways of managing time within the office so that people feel they can leave on time or have a proper lunch break."

Wales TUC: 'Workers shouldn't be doing more for less'

Welsh employers should focus on the work their staff produce rather than the time spent at their desks, according to the Wales Trades Union Congress.They spoke out on the ninth annual Work Your Proper Hours Day, where workers are being encouraged to take their entitled breaks and leave work on time.

Welsh workers are going above and beyond the call of duty each year by working extra hours. They often aren't recognised for this work or credited for helping their businesses and organisations stay afloat.

Employers shouldn't be pressurising their staff into doing more for less. A significant part of the hours of unpaid overtime worked every year could be wiped out by smarter management practices, such as focusing on the work staff actually do rather than the time spent at their desks.

A long-hours culture is bad for workers' health and their family life - whether the hours are paid or not.

– Rhianydd Williams, Wales TUC Campaigns Officer


Welsh employees regularly do unpaid overtime

People in Wales regularly work an extra 6.2 hours and don't claim overtime for it according to Wales' Trade Union Congress. Research, published today to mark 'Work Your Proper Hours Day, found half of all teachers, legal professionals and finance managers regularly work unpaid overtime.

The union says that last year 178,000 Welsh workers regularly put in extra hours for free with the hours of unpaid overtime equating to an additional £735million to the Welsh Economy.

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