Neonatal plans defended

The Gwynedd Community Health Council has defended their decision not to intervene in plans to move neonatal services to England.

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Health Minister quizzed by AMs over neonatal care services

The Health Minister has defended herself from criticism that neonatal services in North Wales are being moved across the border, whilst those in the south are being brought home.

Lesley Griffiths was facing AMs alongside the medical director of the NHS in Wales.

Dr Chris Jones says it is so tough to recruit for some roles, there is a little point in continuing to advertise.

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Assembly Members 'will want to hear of improvements'

In the report published last year, the committee stated they had particular concerns with staffing shortages in neonatal units.

They heard evidence from the neonatal charity Bliss that it was affecting the delivery of care to premature babies.

This shortfall in nurses affects every health board and every unit, and as such the All Wales Neonatal Standards on nurse to baby staffing ratios are far from being met. This critical nursing shortfall is putting babies‘ lives at risk

– Bliss spokesperson

Assembly members will be asking the Health Minister if the situation has improved and if the ratio of nurses to babies has risen.

Health Minister to be quizzed on neonatal services

premature baby
The committee has expressed concern over services Credit: Fiona Hanson/PA Wire

Assembly Members will be quizzing Health Minister, Lesley Griffiths, about care for premature babies in Wales. Last year the Children and Young People Committee published a critical report, highlighting problems with staff shortages across Wales.

The committee will be asking what progress has been made to improve services.