Anger over school transport plan

Flintshire Council is proposing to withdraw free home to school transport from pupils who go to faith schools, but whose admission isn't based on religious grounds.

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Post-16 and denomination school pupil transport could be changed

Flintshire Council says a public consultation is being carried out on two "discretionary aspects" of home to school transport - post-16 transport and transport to denominational schools.

The Council is proposing that for new admissions from September 2014, free transport to denominational (faith) schools is no longer provided for pupils whose admission is not based on faith grounds. Consultation with individual schools will take place to confirm the admission criteria under which pupils are admitted, and suitable evidence of adherence to the faith of the school such as a baptismal certificate or a letter from a priest may be requested.

– A Flintshire Council spokesperson

The consultation will also look at only providing free transport to students aged 16 and under 19 to designated sites, subject to a three-mile distance criteria from September this year. The consultation will run until 12 April.

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