Fracking fears after Budget

Anti-fracking campaigners Wales are writing to the First Minister and Prime Minister to voice their concerns, after yesterday's Budget announcement included encouragement for the shale gas industry.

Fightback after Chancellor signals support for fracking

Campaigners opposed to fracking are writing to First Minister Carwyn Jones and Prime Minister David Cameron to highlight their worries after the Chancellor signalled his support for the industry in yesterday's Budget.

It is thought there is a substantial amount of gas under parts of South Wales, and many local people are concerned about the controversial way it is extracted.

Those representing oil and gas operators have welcomed George Osborne's comments.

Hannah Thomas has been listening to both sides of the argument.


Anti-fracking group's fears over Budget announcement

Shale gas extraction involves injecting high pressure water and chemicals into rock Credit: ITV News

Anti-fracking campaigners in Wales say they'll write to First Minister Carwyn Jones and Prime Minister David Cameron to voice concerns after yesterday's Budget.

It follows Chancellor George Osborne's announcement that he wants to encourage the shale gas industry in the UK with a "generous" new tax regime.

'Frack-Free Wales' claims the process is unsafe, and is campaigning against exploratory drilling in Wales.