Metro plan for south Wales

A new report suggests a Valleys Circle Line which would promote regeneration and economic development.

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Trams could connect Cardiff city centre to wider region

The report identifies a number of transport developments, including:

  • A Valleys Circle Line to transform the Cardiff city region's transport geography - this could be achieved by linking the Rhymney and Merthyr lines via Nelson to allow Pontypridd to play a more pivotal role in the region's economy
  • A Cardiff Crossrail using tram-train technology to fully connect the city centre, the bay and to the wider the region, and to unlock development opportunities - especially housing to the north west of the city, the Enterprise Zone between the bay and city centre and places like St Mellons
  • A cross valley Bus Rapid Transit system to address poor connectivity between places like Merthyr and Ebbw Vale
  • A major upgrade of connectivity between Newport and Ebbw Vale to help the regeneration of both


Metro would 'connect the region'

The Metro Consortium, which includes Admiral insurance, British Gas and Cardiff Business School, says the transport system is an opportunity to rethink the role of towns and communities across the Valleys.

The report's author, Mark Barry, said the metro would simply connect connect the region, and "give the region the opportunity to be more economically effective."

Metro would make south east Wales 'more competitive'

Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh, is building a new tram route, although it has been controversial. Credit: PA

A metro system for Cardiff and the Valleys would make the region more competitive with other European cities, according to a new report published today.

The Metro Consortium, which is made up of a range of stakeholders from the business community in Wales, commissioned the report which suggests a Valleys Circle Line to transform the city region's transport geography.

It says the metro should be far more than a rail project and that regeneration and economic development should be at its heart if it is to be a catalyst for a modern city region economy.

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