'Isolated' older people warning

Thousands of older people in Wales are being unnecessarily socially excluded, according to a report by older people's charity WRVS.

Danger of older people feeling trapped in own homes

There is a real danger of our older people feeling trapped in their own homes, according to new research.

Older people's charity WRVS has found there is not enough suitable transport for thousands of people over the age of 75.

The situation for many has been made worse by recent cuts in transport services. 17 percent of older people here are said to have been hit by the reductions.

Our Correspondent Richard Morgan has more.

Commissioner: Local transport is 'vital' for older people

The Older People's Commissioner for Wales says local transport is 'vital' for older people, who need the services to get around and feel independent.

It comes as a report by WRVS warns that many older people feel isolated by lack of public transport in their area.

The importance of good transport to help to give older people lives that have value, meaning and purpose must not be overlooked. Local transport is vital to help older people get to their GP, hospital or to go shopping, but it's so much more than that. It helps older people remain part of their community, allows them to visit family and friends, take part in the social activities they enjoy, and helps to stop people becoming lonely and isolated, which can have devastating consequences on people's health and wellbeing.

I welcome this report from WRVS, which not only highlights the negative impact that a lack of accessible transport can have on older people's lives, but also shows how further reductions in both traditional transport services and innovative community-based schemes, like those run by WRVS, could make the situation worse.

– Sarah Rochira, Older People's Commissioner for Wales


Charity: older people 'isolated' by lack of transport

The charity warns cuts to services like buses are having an impact on older people Credit: ITV News Wales

Thousands of older people in Wales feel isolated and socially excluded because of a lack of public transport. That's according to a report by older people's charity, WRVS in Wales.

Figures show 18,459 over-75 year olds said they feel trapped in their own home through lack of suitable transport.

It also found:

  • 17% of older people in Wales have been hit by a reduction in public transport

  • 7% say they get out and about less because they can't access public transport

The charity is urging people to contact them to find out more about community transport services. Visit the WRVS website for more information.