Cardiff Council: 'no horsemeat'

Cardiff Council say they've found no traces of horsemeat in two hundred samples they sent for testing at the beginning of February. The programme of testing involved schools, care homes and council-run food outlets.

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Cardiff Council 'strengthening' meat regulation following tests

I am today pleased to announce that the testing programme has concluded and of the 200 samples checked by our independent laboratory for the presence of equine (horse) protein, all results show them to be clear of any such contamination. Halal products also tested returned clear.

We have moved swiftly to address issues identified in order to reinforce the traceability within our procurement protocols.

We are also working to ensure that these processes are extended to any other services that use our premises such as after schools clubs and are currently carrying out exercises to enable this.

I am also, pleased to announce that our bid into the collaboration fund has been accepted which will mean an investment of £750k over the next 3 years to help collaborate, rebuild and strengthen our regulatory service.

– Ashley Govier, Cabinet Member, Environment


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