Postal workers strike

Crown Post Office workers have gone on strike across Wales today to protest against plans to close some of their offices.

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Crown Post Office workers raise job fears over franchise plans

More than fifty staff at Crown Post Offices across Wales have gone on strike over proposals to offer their sites to be franchised.

Protesters outside a branch in Neath raised fears job may be lost.

"We are specialised in what we do, but we are specialised in the Post Office" said Marilyn O'Connell.

"Where do [people] go after this, if they've given 20/40 years service?"

Post Office reacts to strike: 'we face harsh commercial realities'

Crown branches are currently losing £40m per year and this is being subsidised by public money. This cannot continue.

The Post Office is transforming its network to improve customer experience and in turn bring in new business. We are committed to the Post Office remaining a key part of UK high streets and our plans ensure this will happen.

This means for 70 of our Crown branches (eight branches in Wales) – less than one per cent of our network – we will be looking to partner with a suitable retailer, whilst at the same time we will invest £70m in the remaining 300 Crown branches to modernise and grow services to ensure their long term viability.

– Post Office spokesperson


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Union: Post office plans put hundreds of jobs at risk

Strikes are scheduled at post offices around the UK . Credit: Lewis Stickley/PA Wire

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) claims that plans to close or franchise 70 of the UK’s biggest post offices - known as the Crown network - will affect hundreds of jobs.

Dave Ward, the CWU's deputy general secretary, said, "Our Post Office members are standing up against destructive plans which would slash 20% of the Crown network and are simply asking for fair treatment and job security.

"The Post Office's plans are short-sighted and would rob the network of the most productive offices while simultaneously putting hundreds of jobs at risk and potentially damaging local economies.

“We'd like to see a better vision for a successful network which maintains services in the heart of communities alongside quality jobs.

"We're confident this could be achieved if Post Office management would agree to negotiations".

Crown Post Office workers strike across Wales

A group gathers outside Neath's post office

Crown Post Office workers have gone on strike across Wales today to protest against plans to close some of their offices.

Workers at post offices in Carmarthen, Morriston, Neath and Port Talbot have taken part, along with those in Holyhead and Llangefni.

In February, the Post Office announced plans to close or franchise out 70 sites across the UK.

Unions say hundreds of jobs will be affected
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