Holiday teen 'unlawfully killed'

An inquest into the death of Cardiff teenager Jonathan Hiles on the Greek Island of Zante has ruled that he was unlawfully killed.

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'This is what I needed to truly get on with my life'

A 24-year-old London man cleared of any involvement in the death of 18-year-old Jonathan Hiles today told ITV Cymru Wales: "This is exactly what I needed to truly get on with my life."

Andrew Symeou had already stood trial for - and been cleared of - Jonathan Hiles' manslaughter.

Today, at Mr Hiles' inquest, Mr Symeou and his parents wept as the coroner said: "I do not know who the person was who killed Jonathan but I know that person was not Andrew Symeou."

But when Mr Hiles' father Denzil was asked if the inquest had provided him with any answers, he simply said: "No.... no."

Man cleared of Jonathan Hiles death weeps in court

The coroner in the Jonathan Hiles inquest today reiterated that a 24-year-old Londoner had nothing to do with the teenager's death.

Andrew Symeou wept as the court was told the person responsible is still not known. Mr Symeou had already been tried for - and cleared of - manslaughter.

Coroner Mary Hassell said: "I do not know who the person was who killed Jonathan but I know that person was not Andrew Symeou."

Earlier today Mr Symeou told Jonathan Hiles' father, Denzil: "I didn't kill your son. I'm not lying."

Mr Hiles, 18, died whilst on holiday in Zante in 2007.

A verdict of unlawful killing was recorded.


Hiles witness 'punched in head'

The friend of a man accused of killing Jonathan Hiles has told the inquest into the Cardiff teen's death that he was beaten by Greek police before being made to change his witness statement.

Christopher Kyriacou, who today gave evidence at Mr Hiles' inquest in Cardiff said the Greek police's account was "100% untrue".

"First they put me in a completely dark room for around 30 minutes. Then they turned the lights on and around six other officers filed into the room.

"I was very scared and intimidated. They kept asking me 'what happened?' and I told them I didn't know.

"One officer went ballistic and grabbed me by my neck. I was then hit around the face and punched to the head.

"My thinking was 'I am just going to have to do what they want me to do'. I needed to get out of the police station for the safety of my own life.

"I did not know what was going to happen to me."

– Christopher Kyriacou


Life of student killed on Greek Island 'was tragically stolen'

The father of a student from Cardiff who died whilst on holiday on the Greek Island of Zante has told his inquest that "Jon was my son and also my friend, his mother and I cared for him dearly."

Denzil Hiles said that "his life was tragically stolen from him while he was on holiday with friends in Zante."

"I was with Jon holding his hand when his monitor showed a flat line and he passed away."

His passion was ice and roller hockey - it all started when he saw the film Mighty Ducks.

Although hockey is a contact sport and fights break out during games Jon was not a fighter.

All he would be concerned with was protecting his face - he was a good looking a popular lad, he always found it difficult to walk past a mirror.

– Denzil Hiles

Home Office pathologist Andrew Davidson also gave evidence to the inquest in Cardiff. He said Jon, who was not under the influence of drink or drugs, died of a head injury.

He said he "found evidence of blunt force trauma to the back of the head" but "there was also evidence of three fractures."

Inquest hears Cardiff teenager died on first night of Greek holiday

Jonathan Hiles has been described as a regular, much-loved teenager Credit: Family photograph

The inquest into the death of a Cardiff teenager on the Greek Island of Zante has heard that he died at a nightclub on the first day of his holiday.

Cardiff Coroners Court was told that Jonathan Hiles' killer has never been brought to justice.

The 18 year old was with friends partying on the island of Zante when he was allegedly hit in the face.

The inquest heard he was airlifted to hospital in Athens but died the day before his 19th birthday in July 2007.

Fellow British holidaymaker Andrew Symeou, 25, was arrested and tried in Greece but was cleared of any wrong doing.

He was in court alongside Jonathan's friends and family for the young hockey star's inquest.

Inquest due into death of Jonathan Hiles in Greece

The family of Jonathan Hiles say he was a regular, much-loved teenager. Credit: Family photograph

An inquest is due to open today into the death of a Cardiff teenager in Greece in July 2007.

Jonathan Hiles, 18, was in a nightclub on the island of Zakynthos when he fell from a dance podium, suffering severe brain injuries.

Andrew Symeou, 22, from London, was cleared of manslaughter after standing trial in Greece.

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