Osborne Magor disabled bay row

George Osborne's official car has been photographed parked in a disabled space at Magor Services on the M4.

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'I don't think it's fair - the spaces are there for a reason'

Daybreak's Nick Dixon spoke to people using Magor Services on the M4 near Newport this morning, to hear what they thought about George Osborne's official car using a disabled parking bay there.

They told him "I don't think it's fair - the spaces are there for a reason", and they have no sympathy for the Chancellor - he "should know better."

A senior Conservative source told the Press Association that Mr Osborne's vehicle had reversed into the disabled bay while he was inside the service station, and that he did "not condone this in any way."

Chancellor 'wildly out of touch with disabled people'

The disability charity Scope told the Daily Mirror that the incident where George Osborne's official car was parked in a disabled parking bay at M4 services in South Wales “shows how wildly out of touch the Chancellor is with disabled people in the UK”.

They will see this as rubbing salt in their wounds.

Many are already struggling to make ends meet, yet the Chancellor’s response has been to cut vital financial support and squeeze local care budgets.

This picture tells you everything about George Osborne’s toxic attitude to benefits.

He talks about a broken system abused by scroungers – but has chosen to take advantage of it himself.

– Richard Hawkes, chief executive of the disability charity Scope


Osborne was in Cardiff to discuss childcare costs

The Chancellor met new mothers at a nursery in Cardiff to talk about the costs of childcare.

While George Osborne was here, he told ITV News that there will be no tolls on any new M4 relief road around Newport.

The Chancellor said he hopes to give the go-ahead to a scheme that would improve the road in the next couple of months.

He came to Cardiff to meet parents and discuss UK Government plans to help working families with childcare costs.

He spoke to mothers and fathers about his recent Budget, which featured a package to subsidise a portion of childcare costs.

Chancellor's car in disabled bay at Magor Services

Today's Daily Mirror has this photograph on its front page. Credit: Daily Mirror

George Osborne is facing a fresh backlash after his official car was photographed parked in a disabled space at an M4 service station near Newport.

The photograph, published on the front page of the Daily Mirror today, was taken on Wednesday at Magor services, as the Chancellor returned from an engagement at a nursery in Cardiff.

A senior Conservative source told the Press Association that the vehicle had been reversed into the berth while Mr Osborne was inside at McDonald's.

"George does not condone this in any way", the source said.

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