35 at fracking protest

Around 35 campaigners have protested against fracking in Wales outside the Senedd. They are angry that the Chancellor signalled support for shale gas extraction in his Budget last month.

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Fracking protest held outside Senedd

This afternoon's protest is the latest in a series of rallies against fracking in Wales.

Around 35 campaigners have demonstrated outside the Senedd in Cardiff Bay this afternoon, to oppose fracking in Wales.

The event was organised by Frack-Free Wales, after the Chancellor George Osborne signalled his support for the controversial method of extracting shale gas in last month's Budget.

Chancellor's Budget support for fracking

Frack-Free Wales' plans for today's demonstration began after the Chancellor signalled the UK Government's support for fracking in last month's Budget.

I also want Britain to tap into new sources of low cost energy like shale gas.

So I am introducing a generous new tax regime, including a shale gas field allowance, to promote early investment.

And by the summer, new planning guidance will be available alongside specific proposals to allow local communities to benefit.

Shale gas is part of the future. And we will make it happen.

– George Osborne, Chancellor, in his Budget speech


Senedd protest against fracking in Wales

Fracking has proven controversial both here in Wales, and around the rest of the UK. Credit: PA

Around 200 campaigners are expected to protest outside the Senedd later against so-called 'fracking' in Wales.

Hydraulic fracturing involves pumping high pressure fluids into shale rock to recover gas and oil.

Campaigners 'Frack-Free Wales' say they have "grave environmental concerns" that the methods "are unsafe to our future generations."

They are planning to hand in a letter, addressed to the First Minister Carwyn Jones.

It is thought there is a substantial amount of gas under parts of South Wales.

The most controversial fracking issue here has centred around an application to test drill for shale gas at Llandow in the Vale of Glamorgan.

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