Compulsory dog microchipping

The Welsh Government says it is going ahead with plans to make it compulsory for all dogs here to be microchipped by 2015. The RSPCA has welcomed the move, but says it doesn't go far enough.

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Vets 'delighted' with 2015 microchipping deadline

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) says it is "delighted" the Welsh Government's announcement that all dogs in Wales must be microchipped by 1 March 2015.

The decision follows a public consultation here.

Compulsory microchipping legislation came into force in Northern Ireland last year, and will be introduced in England from April 2016.

This is fantastic news for dog welfare in Wales. Microchipping provides veterinary practices, charities, and dog wardens with the ability to reunite lost and stray dogs quickly and safely with their owners.

It is important to remember that microchips are only as useful as the information held on the database and so we must all work together with the Welsh Government to ensure that dog owners understand the importance of keeping their information up to date.

– Bob Stevenson, President of BVA Welsh Branch


Thousands of dogs to be microchipped

Plans to microchip all Wales' dogs by 2015 have been announced Credit: Patrick Pleul/DPA/Press Association Images

There are approximately 190,000 dogs in Wales that would need to be microchipped, if it becomes compulsory. There are an estimated 450,000 dogs in Wales and it is estimated that some 58% are already microchipped.

RSPCA Cymru believes that compulsory microchipping will help make it easier to identify the owners of those dogs that have strayed or are being mistreated, neglected, abandoned or lost. The Welsh Government has announced plans to have all dogs in Wales microchipped by 1 March 2015.

RSPCA welcome microchip plans

The RSPCA has welcomed plans to microchip all of Wales' dogs by 2015. Following a consultation over compulsory dog microchipping, the Welsh Government has announced plans to draw up new regulations. Despite the announcement, the RSPCA says moe could be done.

Although we welcome this announcement, we believe it doesn't go far enough. We also believe that the government should introduce a compulsory dog registration to improve dog owners’ accountability, deter casual acquirers of dogs and fund owner education services.

– Claire Lawson, RSPCA Cymru head of external affairs

Tackling 'irresponsible' dog owners

I am pleased to announce that Wales will be making regulations to ensure that all dogs are microchipped by March 2015, creating a proper link between a dog and its owner and helping to encourage responsible dog ownership. In addition, in order to tackle irresponsible ownership, I will also be introducing Regulations on licensed dog breeding later this year.

– Alun Davies, Minister for Natural Resources and Food

New dog microchipping regulations

New regulations will make it compulsory for dogs to be microchipped in Wales Credit: PA

All dogs in Wales must be microchipped by 2015. New regulations to be set out by the Welsh Government aim to set up a clear link between dogs and their owners. It is hoped this will encourage an increase in responsible dog ownership.


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