Truancy fines plan criticised

The Welsh Government says it is pushing ahead with a plan to introduce fines for parents on persistent truancy, to be introduced this September. Plaid Cymru has described it as a 'retrograde step.'

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Tories fear truancy fines will hit most vulnerable

This is a lazy Labour government piling all its eggs into a basket of punishment – at the expense of support and liaison.

There is a real danger that these fines will hit the most vulnerable hardest and ignore the real reasons behind truancy.

I fear fines will stack up while behaviour remains largely unchanged.

Low school attendance can have a hugely detrimental impact upon a child and Labour Ministers should be working hard to tackle the problem at its root causes.

– Angela Burns AM, Shadow Education Minister

Truancy fines condemned as backwards step

They have not worked when they were introduced in England. The Education Minister needs to state where any money raised will go.

A Plaid Cymru Government would consider approaches such as the use of home school liaison officers to tackle absenteeism, so policies support pupils and their families, rather than penalise them by fining them. There is a correlation between areas of high deprivation and high levels of absenteeism.

– Simon Thomas AM, Plaid Cymru Education spokesman


Go-ahead for plan to fine parents over truancy

The Welsh Government wants to introduce fixed penalty notices for persistent truancy from 1 September.

It has published responses to a consultation which ended in February.

Education Minister Leighton Andrews put forward last November his plan for fines of up to £60 for the parents of children who regularly miss school, rising to £120 if not paid within a month.

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