Wildlife funding boost

Natural Resources Minister Alun Davies is announcing £1.5m "to deliver healthy ecosystems and help make Wales's natural environment more resilient to climate change", while visiting the Hay Festival.

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Funding 'will help tackle pressures' on wildlife

Despite conservation successes in recent years, Welsh wildlife is declining as the number of pressures it faces continues to rise.

This funding will help to tackle these pressures by enabling us to better understand how we can operate effectively in a modern world while sustaining a resilient and healthy environment in Wales. Good management of our ecosystems is essential, as it not only benefits the environment, but can help make us more resilient to climate change and extreme weather events such as flooding.

Wales is blessed with some of the most beautiful and unique wildlife in the UK and is really important that we take action to protect it now so that we, and our future generations, can it enjoy it for many years to come.

– Alun Davies, Natural Resources Minister

£1.5m Welsh Govt funding to help protect wildlife

Earlier this week, the Welsh Government was challenged to act to stem the decline of wildlife. Credit: PA

Wales' Natural Resources Minister Alun Davies has announced £1.5m funding to help protect wildlife here.

The investment will help "to deliver healthy ecosystems and make Wales' natural environment more resilient to climate change."

This week, a report from a group of 25 wildlife organisations warned that Wales' wildlife is "at crisis point" with more than one in 10 of all the species assessed under threat of extinction.

The Welsh Government says this funding "aims to address a number of issues set out in the report and will help protect Wales's precious natural environment."


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