Welsh Govt progress report

Welsh Government publishes its annual progress report to enable voters to judge its performance. Opponents question the reports' value because of 'a lack of original targets'.

Welsh Government 'failing to act' - Plaid

Plaid Cymru has echoed the other opposition parties' criticism of the Welsh Government's Programme of Government progress report:

This is another disappointing statement from the government which fails to give us any real information. The aspects of Government performance presented in the report have been cherry-picked, and other aspects, such as the council tax benefit fiasco, have been left out of the document. Unfortunately, this is just another example of the Welsh Government failing to act.

– Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM, Plaid Cymru


Welsh Government report 'nothing more than a fig-leaf'

Now that the Welsh Government's annual progress report has been published the response from the opposition parties in the Assembly hasn't been any more welcoming. You can see all the report's information and any progress made by clicking here. Opposition leader Andrew RT Davies said:

This annual report is nothing more than a fig leaf to cover the monumental failure of a tired and lazy Welsh Labour Government, which under Carwyn Jones, has run out of steam.

This document glosses over appalling waiting times in the NHS due to Labour’s record-breaking health cuts, fails to report on the progress of Enterprise Zones to secure economic growth and ignores the recent PISA tests which will lay bare performance in literacy and numeracy.

– Andrew RT Davies, leader of the Opposition

The Welsh Liberal Democrat leader was just as critical:

As I rightly suspected, the Welsh Labour Government published pages and pages of self congratulatory bumf with little meaning or use to Assembly Members or the people of Wales.

The actions they describe as key to delivering their promises vary from merely attending meetings and launching consultations to congratulating themselves on introducing legislation to the chamber. It is a less than useful analysis of the state of the government’s programme of action and the state of Wales in general.

– Kirsty Williams AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader

Tories' alternative Welsh Government report

Welsh Conservatives have updated their own alternative programme for government, saying that if they'd won the election in May 2011, a Conservative Welsh Government would have delivered the following:

  • Ring-fenced the health budget to safeguard NHS services
  • Abolished business rates for small businesses
  • Directly funded schools to deliver more money to the classroom
  • Introduced an Armed Forces Card to recognise the sacrifices of our troops
  • Set up a Cancer Drugs Fund to end the postcode lottery
  • Introduced a Welsh Language Charter Mark to reward excellence in Welsh language provision

Opposition leader Andrew RT Davies said

In contrast to Carwyn Jones’ lazy Labour Government, Welsh Conservatives went into the last election with a clear vision and package of measures to improve our public services and get our economy moving.

“We remain the only party committed to ringfencing the health budget and would have protected the NHS from Labour’s £800million cuts, which are now threatening to downgrade A&E services.

– Andrew RT Davies, leader of the Opposition

He admitted that his party's alternative plan would have meant cuts in other areas and that schemes such as free breakfasts and prescriptions were likely to have ended or been reduced. But he insisted his alternative list shows 'what a difference a Conservative Welsh Government would have made.'

Lib Dems dismiss Welsh Government report as 'bumf'

The progress report to be published later by the Welsh Government will be nothing but 'bumf' and 'spin' and 'of little meaning' to voters, according to the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats.

Kirsty Williams says a lack of targets in the original programme of government make it impossible to judge what progress or otherwise Carwyn Jones' government is making.

For all the spin, colourful documents and pretty pictures, the people of Wales know that their health services are the worst in whole of the UK. We’ve seen ambulance response times fall to a worrying low, cancer waiting times unacceptably high and an intolerable number of people waiting more than eight hours in our A&E departments.

I want to see the Welsh Labour Government set ambitious targets as motivation for themselves and for the people of Wales to be able to judge how well their government is performing. It seems that this Labour Government is averse to scrutiny, preferring to hide behind nice looking documents and confounding people with data that is of little relevance or importance.

– Kirsty Williams AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader


Welsh Government's 'in a mid-term rut' - Plaid

We were disappointed last year by the lack of progress in the Programme for Government, and back then we urged the Welsh Government to do more.

We know that there is much more than the government could be doing to strengthen the economy, and deliver improvements in education and in the health service, but unfortunately we are yet to see significant progress. The Welsh Government is in a mid-term rut.

– Elin Jones AM, Plaid Cymru Deputy group leader

Welsh Government 'whinges' instead of delivering - Tories

Ahead of the publication of the Welsh Government's progress report on its Programme of Government, the Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly, Andrew RT Davies says,

After 14 years of successive Labour Governments, educational standards are in decline, A&E units are facing closure and the Welsh economy remains the poorest in the UK. Unfortunately, Carwyn Jones’ lazy Labour Government has spent most of the past three years whingeing and acting as an opposition to the UK Government rather than delivering on its manifesto promises to the people of Wales. Instead of engaging in self-congratulatory pats on the back, Welsh Labour Ministers should get on with their jobs.

– Andrew RT Davies AM, Leader of the Opposition

Welsh Government 'key commitments'

When the Welsh Government published its Programme of Government in September 2011, it highlighted the following areas as 'key commitments.'

  • Establish a Welsh jobs fund.
  • Increase access to GP services.
  • Funding 500 new community support officers.
  • Increasing frontline spending in schools.
  • Doubling the number of children benefitting from the 'Flying Start' programme.
  • Introducing a statutory Literacy and Numeracy Framework, supported by national reading and maths tests.
  • Moves to release more public land for affordable housing.
  • An anti-poverty action plan by next year that will bring together all the devolved policy levers.
  • Increase the number of organ donors in Wales.
  • Create new marine conservation zones.
  • Press for an independent review for S4C.
  • Publish a five-year Welsh Language Strategy.

Welsh Government to publish progress report

Welsh Government insignia
Welsh Government insignia Credit: ITV News, Adrian Masters

The Welsh Government will set out what progress it's making towards fulfilling its promises in the second annual report on its Programme of Government. Statistics and details of activity in every area Welsh ministers are responsible will be made available online.

Opponents have previously questioned the value of these annual progress reports because of a lack of targets against which to measure any changes. But the Welsh Government insists they provide voters with a transparent way of monitoring its activity and holding ministers to account.