Lost teddy seeks owner

Airport staff in Bristol are hoping to track down the family of a teddy found at the airport 18 months ago. They've traced the bear to Dora and Glyn Baker from Abergavenny, but they've not been able to find any living relatives.

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Teddy found at Bristol Airport traced to South Wales

The century-old teddy was left behind in the departure lounge at Bristol Airport Credit: ITV News West Country

A teddy that was abandoned at Bristol Airport in February last year was once owned by a family from Abergavenny in South Wales.

The discovery attracted a lot of interest all around the world, with historians and toy makers all coming forward with help.

The airport says the bear - which was in a carrier bag with a photo of two children dated 1918 - belonged to Dora and Glyn Baker from Abergavenny but they haven't been able to find any living relatives.

Staff had called the bear Glyn but, since the discovery, have now renamed it "Bristol Bear".

1918 photo could holds clue to airport bear's owner

The message is written on the reverse of the photograph Credit: Bristol Airport

The photograph is dated 1918, with the following message written on the back:

“With dearest love and kisses to our darling Daddie from your loving little daughter & Sonnie (?) Dora & Glyn”

A further line says "taken on baby's birthday March 4 1918, one year and five months old"

"During the last fourteen months we had been hopeful that the search would result inhim being reunited to his family" said Bristol Airport's Jacqui Mills.

"We have not been successful in this search and have drawn a blank".


Bristol Airport appeals for owner of abandoned 1900s 'Welsh' bear

The bear is missing an eye Credit: Bristol Airport

Airport staff in Bristol are looking for the owner of a teddy bear abandoned in the departure lounge eighteen months ago.

The toy is thought to be around a hundred years old.

It was found in a bag along with a black and white postcard dating from 1918. The dedication on the back - from two children named Dora and Glyn - raising the possibility of a Welsh link to the current-day owner.

A healthier looking bear appears in the photo dating from 1918 Credit: Bristol Airport
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