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Almost 2,400 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in Wales every year, with around 550 deaths. All this week, ITV is part of an awareness campaign, Stand By Your Man, in a bid to encourage partners to get their men checked out.

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Prostate cancer awareness 'important for everyone'

The founder of prostate cancer awareness group The Red Sock Campaign has told ITV Cymru Wales it's not just men who need information and support.

Keith Cass founded the group when he was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer himself.

He said: "It's about supporting anyone who's affected by prostate cancer, and by that I mean the wives, the children and the partners.

"Quite often I get an email from someone and it won't be the patient themselves, because those caring for those with prostate cancer have just as many issues."

This Father's Day, ITV has teamed up with the charity Prostate Cancer UK to ask people to stand by the men in their lives and unite in the fight against prostate cancer.


Calls for access to 'Da Vinci' prostate operation machine in Wales

Prostate cancer patients in Wales are paying thousands of pounds to use state of the art technology in England because it doesn't exist here

The Da Vinci machine uses keyhole surgery that doesn't leave behind some of the damage associated with traditional prostate cancer operations.

In the final report for ITV's Stand by Your Man series, our Health Reporter Rob Osborne has spoken to people behind the campaign to get a machine in Wales.

Da Vinci machine 'revolutionises' prostate cancer operations

Some prostate cancer patients are having to pay thousands of pounds to access a state-of-the-art operating machine not available in Wales.

Experts say the Da Vinci equipment revolutionises operations.

The Welsh Government says one local health board is considering using the technology in the future.

"That small trip across that bridge represents fourteen-and-a-half thousand pounds of my retirement money that I had to invest in my health" says Dai John.

"If I lived on that side of the bridge, I could have had the same life-saving procedure that I had for nothing on the National Health in England".


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Charles Dance urges men to have simple test

Charles Dance, the actor and supporter of the Stand By Your Man Campaign, has encouraged men to have a "very simple, routine test" for prostate cancer.

"A lot of men live with the symptoms and hope that it's going to go away, or just be certainly reluctant to talk about it." the 67-year-old said before urging men to go for the test.

The Game of Thrones actor said the new film Father's Day, which he describes as "beautifully written", aims to raise awareness of the issue.

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